What you need to know

Death registration

In the event of a death, the attending physician or coroner completes the Medical Certificate of Death and gives it to the funeral director with the body of the deceased.

To register a death, an informant, usually a family member, and the funeral director must complete the Statement of Death with information about the deceased.

Once completed, the Medical Certificate of Death and the Statement of Death are submitted to the local municipal clerk’s office by the funeral director. It may take up to 12 weeks for a death to be registered in Ontario.

Cause of death information gathered from death registrations is used for medical and health research and for statistical purposes.

Death certificate

The funeral director will issue copies of proof of death that you can use in certain situations. There are some organizations, however, that may require an official death certificate from the Province of Ontario can only be obtained by applying by fax, mail or in person.

You may need a death certificate for:

  • settling an estate
  • insurance purposes
  • access to/termination of government services, e.g., health card, pension, voters’ list
  • genealogy searches

The certified copy of death registration does not include medical cause of death.